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This is our Project Page. Our most enjoyable project so far is helping give back to the community that helped us through a heart-wrenching pandemic. 

Coffee Tray Art ©

by Kiltin Weston

20% of our Coffee Tray Art 

sales go to Mental Health facilities and Women's shelters across Canada.

Our Projects

Coffee Tray Art © - see our exhibits for sale and commission. Order what you want.

- Have  a perpetual coffee while you display  positive illustrations by Kiltin Weston. Remind yourself we made it though this Covid nightmare with the help of others.

During the pandemic, I realized that there were just as many cases of mental illness and domestic violence on the rise as Covid-19 cases.  We dealt with it by getting in the car and driving. We would inevitably end up at our local coffee shop drive thru.

Not wanting to just dispose of our trays, coupled with a need to remember what we were all going through, I started collecting the coffee trays. 

As a creative, I contemplated what I should do with such treasures.

I started experimenting with painting with coffee...of course. 

It took a long time to learn how to control this delicious medium and time along with the coffee is what I played with. It behaved like watercolour. I chose a canvas panel instead of paper to practice on.

To my delight, I was able to illustrate pictures with an uplifting message with humour; my favourite combination!

Below, is my journey through this incredible project. Enjoy!

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One of my favourite illustrators is Norman Rockwell. His hurmour combined with the precision of storytelling and brilliant composition is what drew me to illustrate.

I also have discovered a brilliant American illustrator and cartoonist named Denys Wortman. His sense of style leaves me much to look at but by focusing on the main characters he makes me feel inspired and uplifted.



I work as a professional graphic designer. If you are looking for an edgy pop for your business, contact me.

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