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Kiltin Weston is a family of artists and we love the hidden word

My name is Teresa Weston, I'm a daughter of Kiltin Weston and here's my story:  I started drawing as soon as I could hold a crayon or pencil. I grew up poor but we could always afford paper and pencil. My sister would save her allowance and buy us charcoal, watercolours and oil pastels. As a young child, my greatest memory was going to the library where I would discover foreign lands, exciting realtionships and animals I never knew existed in the books I borrowed. It wasn't until I was about 11 that I discovered illustration and cartooning after my mother showed and explained to me a painting by Norman Rockwell.

To this day, I love his work and own several copies and books dedicated to his memory.

My sole desire was to be a cartoonist or illustrate children's books.

Well, you know... life happened and here I am almost 50 years later after seven years of cancer; a failed 30 year marriage; chemo and covid drenched but determined to make a childhood dream come true.

On behalf of the childhood me, please enjoy.


From our lineage, we create art expressed through fine art or digital with acrylic, calligraphy, coffee, ink, pastel, and watercolour. We also occasionally craft from glass and wood.

We are Canadian and draw from our beautiful surroundings and life experience to give a true expression of life through uplifting, inspirational and sometimes humourous art.

Our prints are for sale -  and sometimes an original.

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