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trayart side view_edited_edited.jpg

How we put it together

Here's. a sneak peak into our Coffee tray art.

nf inking.jpg


after choosing the canvas, I draw in pencil and ink with a marker .005 that doesn't bleed - 

reinking parts where necessary for line weight

first coffee_edited.jpg

Coffee Application 

After a light inking and sealing, I apply the first coat of coffee. I establish where I want some contrast.

As the painting progresses sometimes as much as 5-7 coats are needed.

stamp back_edited.jpg

Stamp of authenticity

Each canvas is stamped on the back with our logo

mounted in CT_edited.jpg

Mounting the illustration in the coffee tray

This may seem like a toxic part. The plain carpenter's glue is used to mount the canvas. 

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